Infigo Vodka

Great minds think alike

INFIGO Vodka and Sapphire media share a mutual ambition: to excel and to impress. INFIGO Vodka is a young Dutch Vodka brand that has a unique take on things.
They created a one of a kind premium blend with a combination of ingredients that have never been used before in the Vodka market.
The result was astonishing, a premium blend like no other, a taste that is fresh, subtle and pure.
These are values that Sapphire media chases as well, that is why this cooperation is one to be proud of and shows that hard work pays off.

Unique design

The INFIGO Vodka bottle has a unique design and shape, and they wanted their website to meet their visual standards. That’s why we took it up a nudge, to make sure we created a website that met their standards and matches their key values: high quality, unique and tasteful.


As a Vodka brand, a webshop was essential to INFIGO Vodka. So they needed a webshop that was both functional and met their visual standards.
Sapphire media took this challenge and created a webshop that was user friendly, as well as pleasant to look at.

Social Media

A good and complementing social media campaign is of the essence for any brand. That's why the visuals for the INFIGO Vodka social media campaign should add value to the experience of the followers. Sapphire media made sure all visual components met with INFIGO Vodka’s standards.

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A proven process

Delivering corporate
good looks with style

Ever since INFIGO Vodka entered the market they have made a name for their brand by being unique in taste and in look and feel.

Sapphire Media is proud to have been able to contribute to this success.
A user friendly and good looking website, combined with a steady social media campaign with energizing visuals. This is what Sapphire Media has done for INFIGO Vodka. The first results are very promising and we’re looking forward to the future of this cooperation!

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